AC FileRenamer


Change the name for any file and adapt it to your needs



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AC FileRenamer is a unique tool that changes your file names according to patterns you specify.

What at first might seem like a trivial program that doesn't really contribute too much to the current file-processing panorama, can become an essential instrument in your day to day. AC FileRenamer executes processes in a simple way to automatically replace any word within the same set of files. For example, you can combine the filename for video documents with subtitles so that they start playing automatically whenever you open them up. You can also add metadata and tags to your songs by blocks.

AC FileRenamer is undoubtedly an essential program for all those who work with a lot of files in their day-to-day life. Or for those who simply want to save more time by automating processes that tend to be very tedious, for example, adding subtitles to movies.
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